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Posted 8.0 months ago @ 5:01PM

2023/24 Student Parking Passes Are Sold Out

2023-24 Student Parking Permit Registration



PASSES ARE SOLD OUT--Licensed drivers may park in the Warrior Center without a pass.  There is a shuttle available.

PT Families,

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. As we are getting ready to start the next school year, it is important to inform students and parents of our parking procedures each year. Student parking at Penn-Trafford High School is a privilege and will be offered only to seniors and junior students in good standing. This means that those students that remain on the Restricted List (owing detentions, lunch money, books, etc.) are not eligible to purchase a pass. If your child is on the Restricted List, they have received an email, sent to their school email address, regarding the three dates that they can serve detention. There will not be an open door policy during the summer to serve detentions. Serving detentions must be arranged ahead of time on the dates given in the email sent to the students that are on the Restricted List on Monday, June 26 (from Dr. Horvat). Work and College Release students MUST be off of the Restricted List in order to park in the upper lots. 

Parking Pass applications will be accepted on Family ID beginning at 8:00 am Monday, August 7th through Wednesday, August 9th for SENIORS ONLY!   JUNIORS can begin the application process on Thursday, August 10th at 8:00 am. Sophomores are not permitted to register to park in the upper lots. Registration is for licensed drivers only (not for students with permits). Any Junior that applies prior to August 10th will be removed from Family ID and will need to reapply on the appropriate day. Family ID registration for parking passes will be open until all spots are filled. After spots are full we will no longer be able to sell passes due to safety reasons.

After successfully completing the application, parking passes will be available for pickup starting Monday, August 21st beginning at 8:00 am in the Athletic Office.  In order to receive your permit, you must bring your current driver's license. 

Applications will only be accepted if they are fully completed.  Applications must also include the parking fee of $75.00 for the Upper Parking Lots.  Parking funds are applied to student activities.  All drivers will be assigned to one of four lots at the school. Parking permits will be assigned on a first come first served basis, based upon the time of registration.  Once all spots are accounted for, the application process will close and the Warrior Center is an option for those who did not get a pass, free of charge. There will be a shuttle that runs from the Warrior Center at approximately 7:10 am and after school for those parking at the Warrior Center. At any time throughout the school year, if a student obtains a driver’s license, the student may park in the Warrior Center lot. Passes for the parking lots surrounding the school will not be available once we close registration. An email will be sent once lots are full.

Illegal parking by any student will result in school discipline as outlined in the student handbook.  Students parking in the wrong lot or driving without a permit may permanently lose driving privileges and face additional disciplinary actions. Parking privileges may be revoked due to reckless driving, unsafe or noisy vehicles, continued tardiness to school and/or other school violations.  You can not sell or transfer your parking pass after purchasing.  The permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror and visible at all times. STUDENTS ASSIGNED TO THE GOLD LOT MAY NOT PARK IN THE FIRST TWO ROWS, CLOSEST TO THE BUILDING.

Any questions please contact the athletic office at 724-744-7252. 


Thank you,

Mr. Kerry S. Hetrick, CMAA

Athletic Administrator, Penn-Trafford School District

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