Warriors News · 7/8 Girls Basketball Tryouts UPDATED Info

Very sorry for the short notice on this, but because restrictions on how many people may gather indoors were upheld yesterday by a US Appeals Court, we are forced to modify our tryout schedule.  The tryouts will still take place at Trafford Middle School, however, we will have two groups of participants.
Group 1 will consist of all 8th-grade girls, Torrie DeStefano, Hanna Weishaar, and Olivia Weishaar.  This group will have the gym from 3:30 – 4:45.  Penn Middle School players will take the shuttle to Trafford Middle School and be picked up there at 4:45.
Group 2 will consist of the remaining 7th-grade girls.  Unfortunately, this group will have to arrive at Trafford Middle School after 4:45 so that the first group can clear out.  Their tryout time will be from 5:00 – 6:15.  Unfortunately, the school is not able to provide transportation for the players in this group.
A few reminders for parents and participants:
  • Players must wear masks at all times when entering the building, or when not actively participating in a drill or practice session.  This means while waiting to participate or while taking a break between drills.
  • Players must observe 6 feet of social distancing when in the facility at all times unless they are participating in a drill or practice.
  • All players must bring their own water and may not share.
We apologize again for the short notice.  Under the circumstances, this is the best plan we can offer.  As we receive updated information, we will communicate with you all and modify as needed.  We greatly appreciate your understanding as we all work through this together.
Please reach out if you have any concerns.

David Moio

English Teacher
Penn-Trafford High School