If you are looking for information on workouts, conditioning or have general questions–please email the coach of that sport:

HS Cheer: Kristie Lynn, lynnk@penntrafford.org, Katie Caruso, carusok@penntrafford.org

MS Cheer: Julianne Bucci, buccij@penntrafford.org, Lisa Konopka, konopkal@penntrafford.org

HS Cross Country: Paul Conrad, conradp@penntrafford.org, Patty Arzenti, arzentip@penntrafford.org

MS Cross Country: Eric Reger, regere@penntrafford.org, Somer Green, greens@penntrafford.org

HS Girls Field Hockey: Cindy Dutt, duttc@penntrafford.org

HS Football: John Ruane, ruanej@penntrafford.org

Ninth Grade Football: Kerry Yacamelli, yacamellik@penntrafford.org

7/8 Football: J.W. Snyder, snyderjw@penntrafford.org

HS Boys Golf: Andy Rizzardi, rizzardia@penntrafford.org

HS Girls Golf: Ed Herbst, herbste@penntrafford.org

Ice Hockey Club: Glen Scholze, scholzeg@penntrafford.org

HS Boys Soccer: Sotiri Tsourekis, tsourekiss@penntrafford.org

HS Girls Soccer: Jim Mastroianni, mastroiannij@penntrafford.org

MS Boys Soccer: John Carlisle, carlislej@penntrafford.org, Jason Zimmer, zimmerj@penntrafford.org

MS Girls Soccer: Derek Cuthbert, cuthbertd@penntrafford.org, Kellie Walker, walkerk@penntrafford.org

HS Girls Tennis: Megan Hudak, hudakm@penntrafford.org

HS Girls Volleyball: Jim Schall, schallj@penntrafford.org

Athletic Trainers: Jennifer Smith, smithj@penntrafford.org, Lauren Germanowski, germanowskil@penntrafford.org