Warriors News · Reopening Guidelines and Survey Results

Dear Parents:

I am writing to share with you two pieces of information. First, the guidelines for schools to be open in the fall were released by the state this morning. The 13 pages of guidelines are very extensive, and require us to write an intensive health and safety plan.  I will be meeting with my administrative team to develop a plan for how we will implement these guidelines.  I will provide you with more information as we develop the plan.  Here is the link to the state guidelines:  CLICK HERE

Second, I would like to share with you the survey results regarding online learning and school reopening in the fall. We had 1,732 responses for the survey, which was impressive as it was sent out to 3,509 families in PowerSchool. The results are clear that in regards to online instruction, parents and students want more virtual interaction with teachers and peers if we ever have to do online instruction again. The written responses that accompanied this section of the survey supported that topic as well. I received numerous comments regarding the need for more explanation by the teachers as they have the skills needed to deliver the instruction.  Additional comments indicated how much the children enjoy the interaction of the teacher and miss the interaction of their peers.

86.8% of respondents stated that they would have their student(s) come back to the schools in the fall.  Most of the written comments identified that this would depend on the current health statistics and guidelines for schools from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  One of the main concerns from the written responses was requiring students to wear a mask all day.  After reading the state guidelines this morning, there is a section regarding masks and we will need more clarification on this topic. The majority of those who reported that they would not feel safe to return stated that they would consider a hybrid approach by PT or our PT E-Academy. The written comments also indicated that this number could change based on health statistics.  Comments also expressed concern over the level of requirements that will be placed on students.

I shared the survey results with our local State Representative, George Dunbar and he said he will convey our concerns to the Secretary of the PA Department of Education, Pedro Riveria.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to complete the survey and for all the responses that included a detailed written response as I get a lot out of that information and it is more specific.

Next Steps:

  1. My administrative team will develop a plan to address the state guidelines for reopening schools in the fall. I will share our developments with you, as I know that our plans to meet these guidelines are of critical importance to you in determining your decision for your children.
  2. We will hold information sessions about the options for parents who choose not to come back in the fall.

Dr. Matthew Harris



 The survey results for the non-written responses are below:

1.     Please indicate whether you experienced any technology problems during on-line learning.

a.     No 70.2%

b.     Yes 29.8%

2.     How do you feel that your child’s workload compared with being at school? Was it more, less, or the same.

a.     42.2% Less Than School

b.     40.2% Same as School

c.     17.6% More than School

3.       Do you feel that your child needed more LIVE virtual instruction?

a.     Yes  75.2%

b.     No   24.8%

4.       Did you feel that your child needed more live engagement with peers?

a.     Yes  77%

b.     No   23%

5.       Did you feel that you needed more communication from the school district?

a.     Yes 26.1%

b.      No 73.9%

6.     Did you feel that your child had enough resources to learn the content?

a.     Yes. 68.8%

b.     No.  31.2%

7.      Did you feel that your child was able to use the on-line approach on his/her own?

a.     67.2% Yes

b.     32.8% No

8.     If students were to come back to school fully in the building 5 days a week, would you allow him/her to attend?

a.     86.8% Yes

b.     13.2% No

9.     IF YOU ANSWERED “NO” TO NUMBER 8 (above), which of the following options will you select for your child? (This was a little off as I had 226 No responses for number 8 but I had 286 responses here.)

a.     Hybrid 222 responses

b.     E-Academy 43 responses

c.     Home School 10 responses

d.     Non-PT Cyber 11 Responses