Warriors News · March 20, 2020 PTSD Update



Dear Parents and Guardians:


This past week has been very busy as the teachers and the administration finalized the grading process for the third nine weeks, prepared for the implementation of online learning, attended several Zoom conferences with the state contact for PDE, and kept up with the daily updates and resources that were continually changing regarding COVID-19 throughout the week.


Next week, the principal of your child’s school will be contacting you regarding the implementation of online instruction as it will start during the week. As I write this, the state is still in the process of finalizing some of their expectations for districts to follow as well. Once we receive these updates, they will be included in the principal’s letter. This is why the actual date is not listed but we will start in some capacity. The state did inform us yesterday that the state PSSA and Keystone have been canceled for the year.


Next week, the principals will provide you with information regarding dates, procedures for accessing the online component, expectations, time parameters and commitment, and information regarding grading and assessments. Since this is new to most of us, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement the online learning approach. As the process goes forward, the students, the parents, the teachers, and the administrators will become stronger. This will cause the process to become seamless, which will make learning more meaningful and engaging.


If you need Internet resources, Comcast is currently providing services for free for 60 days. Please see the following link for information: https://www.internetessentials.com/


The School Lunch Grab and Go program will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-1 at the high school. Please remember to just pull up in the front of the school by the nurse’s office entrance, and the meals will be brought to your car.


These are resources that you can use from the state to stay safe and healthy during this time:


For more information, please refer to the CDC website (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus) and PA Department of Health (https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx).


We will get through this and we will remain PT Strong.


Dr. Matthew Harris